Tribute to the Troops @wwe

Being a military wife that has had her husband deployed during the holidays, I get emotional when watching the WWE Tribute to the Troops each year.  Tonight, I was happy to have the chance to watch it with My Hero.

I just wanted to take this time to personally thank the WWE for doing this.  Tonight (December 19th) marked 10 years of the wwe doing this.  It makes me feel good to see people thanking my husband and his brothers and sisters of the military. 
I asked Marc if it was wrong of me to take pride when a celebrity thanks them for their service. 
I mean, honestly, our military is often forgotten for all that they do.  Not to mention that they don't get paid anywhere near what they should...
The celebrities... Well, we know they are paid well... and it saddens me when people put celebrities on pedestals because of them being in a movie.  No, I don't have a problem with celebrities, but it does make me proud when THEY thank the military.... because if it is even only for a minute, the people that look up to the celebrities now at least think about our military for a few minutes.

If you did not watch the tribute tonight, let me tell you what you missed. 
Kid Rock performed a couple awesome songs... and one really hit home to Marc. 
Like, he looked up the lyrics as soon as it was over to read them and hear them again.
(Side note, to this day.... Kid Rock is BY FAR the best concert I have ever seen.)

Then.... The finale.
All of the WWE wrestlers came out and thanked the military.
Like clapping and posing for pictures.  Throwing out gifts...
It was awesome... but for me? 
The best part was watching MY HERO HUSBAND and see the appreciation in his eyes. 
He repeatedly said "that was nice." 
It was nice to see him seeing that he is appreciated!!!

Thanks WWE and KID ROCK for making my husband know he is appreciated for his service to our country! 


  1. We all need to be thankful for the work the service people of our country do. I am glad the WWE remembered them.


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