First Time for Smores!

Some time during the summer, Broxton started mentioning that he wanted us to camp out... He kept talking about wanting Smores and to sleep outside.  You know, living in an apartment for so long, we never had the opportunities to do things like that in our own back yard...   Now, we can.
Marc told Broxton that once it started to get colder, he would plan for a fun night outside.
Luckily for us, we have a fenced in back yard, so it was easy to plan!
The best part?  It was spur of the moment and it was a night full of memories!!! 

Up first, Broxton had to help daddy gather up fire wood to make a mini bon-fire in the back yard: 

Once the wood was gathered, Marc made a small fire for Broxton to roast marshmallows!!!

 Broxton was so excited!  We put down a picnic blanket and got the ingredients for the smores ready!
 Broxton was so excited to watch the marshmallow roast...   He wanted the whole thing charred.. not a spot of white on there... So, he kept working on his...
 Once it was done, we made a smore and he took a big bite of it... Letting the marshmallow come out all the sides while it melted the chocolate!
 Imagine this... he did not like it... He wanted to eat just the marshmallow... No chocolate and no graham cracker!  What?!  Marc and I loved them, but not this guy... marshmallow only from here on out...
After a bit, it was time to head inside...  We told Broxton we had to put the fire out... Here is where he is trying:
 We made it easy on him and gave him a water hose!!!!
I tell you, the little memories like this mean the world to me!!!
Have you ever done a spur of the moment thing like this?


  1. Love that cute pic of him trying to blow the fire out! Precious!
    Happy Wednesday, sweetie!

  2. That's funny that he was trying to blow out the fire!

    One of my boys likes burnt marshmallows and the other one hates them. The blacker the better I think.

    I enjoy camping!

  3. No fire pit? Ya'll are brave! My son doesn't like chocolate, either!

  4. Love the expression as he gets ready to eat his s'more. :) My daughter doesn't like marshmallows as a general rule. She'll toast them, but gives them to someone else to eat.

  5. My son's not a S'mores guy either. Me and my daughter make up for his lack of enthusiasm. ;)

  6. This is so precious!
    I love t hat you did that and do journal the memories for him for later!

  7. Love s'mores! My kids always throw their flaming marshmallows like comets when they catch fire so we don't do it often!


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