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We were invited to go and see Frozen before it was released ... and it took everything I could not to tell you all about it as soon as I walked out the door of the theater, but I couldn't... Lips were sealed until it was released.
Well, it was released yesterday... SO I can tell you all about it!!!!!

We had been watching the trailer before we left to go see it and Broxton and I were loving the part where Olaf (the snowman) says "Do me a favor....  Grab my butt."  Once we were seated,  the 2 kids next to us struck up a conversation with Broxton and all 3 of them loved that part and the one where Olaf is talking about his "ittle bitty nose" Of course, as soon as it happened in the movie, the 4 of us were cracking up!!! 

Frozen is a great family movie and Broxton and I loved it...
I absolutely loved the soundtrack (I have noticed myself singing the songs since we have been home several times!)  

Frozen is a movie that shows us following Anna as she searches for her sister, Elsa.    Elsa has a special power (turning things to ice) and has set the entire Kingdom of Arendelle in winter. (It was summer before this happened, so no one was prepared.)  Not going it alone, Anna finds help in the mountain-man Kristoff and his reindeer sidekick, Sven... In actuality, they needed each others help, so this works out!    The weather is bad and keeps getting worse, but with Kristoff,Sven, Anna and then Olaf (that adorable snowman that I want to live at my house)  trying to save the Kingdom, you will stay on your seats ready to see what happens next.  

I have seen people asking if boys would like it, since it does focus on Anna and Elsa and I say yes...  Boys will love it for the action and adventure while girls will love the Princess/Prince?Sister story line...  If I am being totally stereotypical here...

Bottom line, go see Frozen...  We saw it once and are both eager to go and see it again!!!


  1. I wanted to go yesterday but hubby wanted pizza, so we did what he wanted. We've got time, no school until Monday and little man's not sick anymore, so we may go tomorrow. I'm excited, it does look fun!! And I'm here to say Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. I want to see this one, but I'll have to wait for the library.

  3. I am planning on taking the kids this weekend.. looks like a fun movie for the family

  4. That's good to hear that it has a lot of action and adventure! This looks so good and I bet my older grandson would enjoy it!

  5. I want to see this. I heard it's not about a princess, which is a nice change.


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