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Yesterday, I told you a little (okay, maybe a lot) about my trip to Emory Point and all the cool shops they have there...   I wanted to finish telling you about it, but I did not want to overload you with all the information in one post...   I ask you to go and read my first emory point post, if you missed it...  Then, come on back to today!!!

After we left Fab'rik, we continued on with our tour and at some point, we found ourselves at Tin Lizzy's.  Now this place was pretty cool.  I believe they called it "Tex-Mex"  I will say, this is when I decided that I do NOTHING anymore... I always hear people talking about Tin Lizzy's... but I had never been there... Well, you can mark that off my list, as I have been there and will be going there again!  They have 5 stores (opening up a 6th on at the Mall of Georgia) and as Tony said, they are growing fast, opening around 2 new locations per year!    
It seems that everything is made fresh on location.. right down to their chips and salsa!  
Great looking food.  Great tasting too!  We got to sample a few different things.  
While enjoying our food from Tin Lizzy's we learned that they have several different tacos and you can choose between flour tortilla's or whole wheat!   They actually have a contest where customers get to submit their recipe and the winner chosen is featured on the menu!  The winners choice we had available to try was the " Southern Comfort."  This taco included : grilled chicken, goat cheese, grilled onions, fried pickles and bbq sauce.  Sounds VERY different, but I tried it and really enjoyed it.  Although, I would say that the Korean BBQ taco was my favorite from those we sampled!   ( It has a nice kick to it, but nothing too crazy... take it from me, I do not like spicy at all and this was great!)  

Patio at Tin Lizzy - Emory Point
 As we were leaving, I noticed that Tin Lizzy's had TV's on their patio!  For those that want to go and spend a nice day eating a nice meal, enjoying the great weather... and maybe watching a bit of your game, Tin Lizzy's seems to have you covered!!!

A few more area's in Emory Point - 
LaTagliatella - European based Italian Restaurant 
Burgerfi - Burgers customized just the way you want it... Also has a great selection of custard treats and has a bar (beer/wine) 
Which Wich - Over 50 customized sandwiches!  This sounds like a great place to grab a sandwich and then let your inner artist shine through.  Read about it to see just what I mean! 
Fresh to Order - This place was rocking while we were there and more people headed in.  While there, we learned that they make each meal "fresh to order" (sandwiches and salads)  and that they are unique in not serving their salads in bowls, but rather in plates to highlight that they not only taste great, they look great too!  They also have a bar and although each item is made "fresh to order" they pride themselves in that they try to get food out in under 10 minutes!  
Paradise Biryani Pointe-  This cafe offers all sorts of great sounding Indian food.  ( To be honest, Indian is new to me, but looking at their menu, I do want to try a few things out...  and I was told they did have options for the NON SPICY eater like me! We will be headed back to try them out soon!) 
American Threads
The final spot I want to tell you about is American Threads.  I loved the interior of this store and from what I gathered, I really loved what this store is about.  
They are an Atlanta based boutique...
That showcases American designers...  and get this... They also like to sell the products from companies that give back (such as toms)
Pop Up Shop at American Threads
 The icing on the cake for me was the Pop Up Shops.  American Threads highlights local artists and gives them a small area in their store for them to sell their items.  I love this thought and wish more places would do that!!!  What a great way to stay local!!

I really had a great time at Emory Point and I am so glad that I was able to go and learn so much about it.  I have already said I want to go back soon and buy a few things that caught my eye while on our tour!  If you live near the area, check them out!  I loved the setting and can not wait to see what other places are in store for the Phase 2.
Emory Point


  1. It seems like you had such a good time visiting Emory Point! How fun everything sounds! Tin Lizzy sounds smart too w/the TVs. My hubby won't pick a restaurant w/o tvs if a Michigan game is on (hockey, baseball, football, bowling...kidding about the bowling ;) ).


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