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We were recently sent the I Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System for review and I tell you, this is so neat!  It is manufactured from TCG Toys and I was eager to give it a try!  I was a bit concerned that it was going to be "too babyish" for Broxton, since it starts at age 3...  I don't think he will be playing with it forever, but I know he enjoys it for now... I just wish we knew about this earlier!!! 

 In this set, you get the base for the Interactive Puzzle.. and then you get two puzzles to complete.
I like that they add pictures so that younger kids know what the completed project is supposed to look like.  In ours, we had a day at the farm and a day at the park.  (They come in two plastic bags, but there is a fold out photo so you see what it looks like. ) 

 Broxton decided that he wanted to do the farm puzzle first.  So, that was what we went with.  Fisher Price has made this very kid friendly... the puzzle pieces are colored to go with the photo.  If you see the above photo, you see that there is a red border on the farm one and then a yellow border on the park one.  
 You start with your base and then you add the "key" into the key slot to make it interactive with the puzzle you are working on.  Broxton had a hard time getting the key to go in the first time.  I tried to help and we got it in... I am not sure if it was the angle we were using or what, but since the first time, we have had no problems with it since... 
Let me try and explain it to you... see the squares on the picture above?  They are the spots that are interactive.  Once you put the key in,  you have three different modes that you can play...
Mode 1: Smart Puzzle - An interactive jigsaw puzzle that cues your child with encouraging phrases and fun sound effects to help him learn hand-eye coordination, objects and sounds. 
Mode 2: Find & Seek Game - Your child will learn sound, object, color and counting skills. Each puzzle offers a unique set of exciting discoveries. 
Mode 3: Discovery Time - Each puzzle & puzzle key come with a unique Discovery Time Game for a unique play experience with each puzzle. The three separate levels of game play allow the I-Jig Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle to grow with your child, helping them to master basic skills and move on to more complex learning while having fun. 

Broxton has really enjoyed it and I think he was completely caught off guard when it started talking to him!!!  The best thing is that they have a couple other puzzles that you can buy to complete on this base as well!
(Thinking the puzzle would be a great gift... and then you can add the extra puzzles from other gift givers, or they can be stocking stuffers... 

One lucky reader is going to win the I Jig Interactive Puzzle for their gift giving needs!

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  1. What an awesome puzzle! Great gift idea too.

  2. I learned that that they want to foster learning, growth and most of all – fun!

  3. I learned it has 3 modes and fosters learning

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  5. I like the Fisher Price Little People Puzzle for kids.

  6. I like the Construction Zone puzzle, also learned they proudly distribute their products in over 40 countries.

  7. I learned the puzzle has 3 modes of learning

  8. Visited and learned For over 15 years, they have won the trust and support of major toy retailers worldwide and proudly distribute products in over 40 countries.

  9. I learned that TCG Toys have partnered with Fisher-Price to re-launch a whole new line of games in 2013 that will engage and educate children from the age of 18 months and up.

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  12. I think the Construction Zone puzzle looks awesome (my boys would be all over it).

  13. i like the surprise sound word puzzle

  14. i like the Find & Seek Game - Your child will learn sound, object, color and counting skills. Each puzzle offers a unique set of exciting discoveries.

  15. I like you can get a I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System Refill for it to do more puzzles.

  16. Sqworm Game looks like it would be a cool game.


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